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Why join the Christmas Climate Strike?

  • This is an ancillary action to school climate strikes. Not everyone can make it to in-person events or can even organize one, such as in Russia.
  • Billions of pounds of waste related to holiday gift-giving end up in landfills.
  • Economic boycotts and the resulting loss of money get attention from governments and big business alike.
  • Telling friends and family about your participation, and that you want them to buy you no gifts, starts a conversation about climate change and activism. Personal conversations have a big impact.

One of the reasons Greta Thunberg has been so successful in communicating the need for change is that she has changed herself. She practices what she preaches by not eating meat, not flying, and what she calls ‘shop stop’ in which she does not make frivolous purchases and only buys what she needs.

“Our new research showed that the carbon footprints of those communicating the science not only affects their credibility, but also affects audience support for the public policies for which the communicators advocated,”

Greta Is Right: Study Shows Individual Lifestyle Change Boosts Systemic Climate Action ” Forbes, Nov 19, 2019

By giving up gifts, you are demonstrating your commitment to the cause. Your selflessness will make others more receptive to your climate activism message.

Friday, November 29th is the unofficial start of the Christmas season. Soon your friends and relatives will start buying gifts. Secret Santa sign-ups will begin circulating at work. Now is the time to tell your friends, family, and co-workers that you are joining the Christmas Climate Strike. DO IT NOW, ASAP! Tell them before it’s too late and they start their holiday shopping.

Not sure how to start the conversation? Send this blog post.

Buy Me No Gifts and I’ll Do the Same


You can also help spread the word on social media. I am a terrible artist, so this is my pandering attempt to use cuteness instead. If you are not a dog or cat person, let us know on Twitter what cute animal image you would like to see instead.

Click here for full image
Click here for full image

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Finally, thank you to all of the early adopters who have helped spread the word online, who have volunteered their time to translate content, and have been supportive of this idea. Really and truly, it has been the best gift.

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